Friday, May 21, 2010

Coral Pink Sand DunesI was terrified I would get us stuck! Michelle thought it was Hilarious!
Success! Then I almost tipped it!

Camden had allergies. Allergies and dirt don't mix!

Camden played with his first Stink Bug =(

Ayden, Tater and Grandpa Mac

Michelle lookin' like a model even after 2 days of camping (so jealous)!

Homeward bound! Yeah!
Coral Pink Sand Dunes was fun...for the most part. I do not enjoy sleeping in tents and going pee in the bushes/or the never ending dirty hands. Other than was great! I know, I know I'm a Pris! Josh and the kids had a BLAST! I love watching them have a blast. Camden never wanted to get off of the 4-wheelers. He threw a fit when he had too. Another adventure down and moving on to the next one!

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