Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camden is trying to stay up untill midnight!

The Red Bull wasn't quite strong enough so onto the next best thing...Mountain Dew!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009!
Camden got Rosiola on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!! It made for some awesome pictures!!!!
Camden's back.
Avery and her Cousin Raegen doing girl stuff!!!! Doesn't happen alot with all boy Cousins except for them.

Some of the Cousins in their Christmas Eve Pajamas.
(From left to right: Briggs, Jovi, Raegen, Tater, Avery, Camden, Kyler, & Corbin. Chair: Draygen & Ayden).

Santa visited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moose decided to eat all of the Lifesaver books and the Chocolate Santa's out of the stockings!!!!!!!!!!! He wanted a part of Christmas too.

Camden's loot!!

Avery and her sexy bed head!

Ayden's stereo.
The kids scored this Christmas like always. Santa is way too good to them. We all had fun. It makes me sick when Christmas is over. I wish it was a 3 day process. All that work and it is done in a matter of minutes. Back to work now. Not excited about that at all. Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking about all of you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Camden's FIRST Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

The whole family came over to celebrate Camden's first Birthday. He had a great time having all of the Cousins over and playing with balloons for the first time! Camden wasn't a big fan of opening his presents or eating his very own cake. I guess he doesn't like to get dirty when I say it's okay. He only likes to make messes and get dirty when I say "No."
It has been a fabulous year! I didn't know anything was missing in my little family until he decided to show up! I love him and my other 2 kids soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Camden's new past time...climbing in the cupboards!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Camden enjoyed his first yummy turkey dinner!
The feast our way!

Josh stayed up all night cooking our yummy dinner. I know ladies...He is AWESOME!!!! I count my blessing daily. However, I try not to let him know how much I need him. The trick is keeping him on his toes!

Grandpa Shumway graced us with his presence for the first time this Thanksgiving. It was nice to have him and Marc (my Brother) and his boys to Celebrate with.

Bobcat & Wolfe!!!!!!

We are so very proud of Ayden!!!! He received both his bobcat and Wolfe badges in the same night!!!!! He was recognized in front of the other boys and their parents. I had the wonderful opportunity to have Ayden pin both pins on me as well for helping (even though it was all Josh)! To be honest...Cub Scouts is way over my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camden is almost 1 years old and getting a little too heavy for me to be lugging him around in his infant car seat. For both his Birthday and Christmas Mom and Dad bought Camden his big boy car seat! It was very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Camden finds it very entertaining to face forward and see out the front windshield. Could life get any better that that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!