Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter Fun 2010!

Avery and Aydens loot from the Hurricane Easter Egg Hunt! (Sickening! This is only the beginning of all the candy.)

Camden's 1st Easter Egg hunt! He was all about the DumDums! That is all he wanted.

Avery and Ayden's put out some treats for the Easter Bunny. I love the note they wrote him. It's classic!

The LOOT! The Easter Bunny is always too good to them!

Avery and her new snorkel equipment! The Easter Bunny must shop at Costco!

My handsome Ayden. He is growing up so fast.

2nd Easter egg hunt at Grandpa Monte's!

Ayden is always too skinny for his pants. This is the normal pose...holding up our pants.

East was so much fun. We had a 3rd Easter egg hunt at Grandma Porterfield's. It was raining so we did it in her house...way fun! Another year down. Time flies! I want it to slow down just a tid. I know I will miss these days. Ayden and Avery are starting to ask questions about weather the Easter Bunny is real. Avery found some of the trash from their stuff in their baskets in the garage! I told her that the Easter Bunny can't carry all of the trash around with him...he wouldn't be able to visit the other kids. Crisis averted for the moment! I love my family sooooooo much. And not just my immediate one. I couldn't be more blessed. Life is good...for the most part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Batistas said...

thank you for making me feel like a horrible mom skipping easter all together lol...
Looks like tons of fun and i can't wait to get back and enjoy some of that sun! Love you guys!

Michelle said...

Looks like they had a blast. They made out pretty good. It was good to see you guys at the sand dunes!