Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grandma Mac's Halloween Party!
Grandma Mac made all of the Grand kids a Halloween bag. They were filled with light sticks, a candy and a stuffed animal. Camden was so excited when he saw his turtle that he got!

Grandma & Grandpa Mac grow their own pumpkins. The kids drew a # so that there was no fighting over any pumpkins. (There would definitely be fighting amongst all of the Cousins!) This is Ayden's pumpkin that he got and painted. The funny this is...he painted it upside down!!!!!

This is Avery's sweet pumpkin she painted. Nothing but flowers and glamour from her!

All the kids loved the doughnut on the string! It was hilarious watching them trying to do this!!!!!!

My handsome husband and I!!!!!!!!!! We never take pictures together! One is always taking the pics while the other is helping the kids. He is pretty HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Night!
The before picture!

...and the After picture! My husband grew his hair out just so he could cut a mullet for Halloween! Hands off ladies...he is MINE!

Beautiful Avery as a Pretty Witch!

Ayden as an Indian and Camden as a Lion. Camden did not dig the hat. He only wore it for a few minutes that whole night.
2009 Halloween was a blast! Nothing better than family, friends and a whole bunch of candy!!!!! This was Camden's first Halloween. He did pretty well. My kids and husband are the best! I love how much fun they are!