Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Pics

An AWESOME lady took my kids pics a couple of weeks ago. She is amazing! Nothing like my cute kiddies, some 25 Main cupcakes and some great lighting to make me smile. Check out She is so much fun! She made Avery feel like a model. I wanted some before pics of Avery before her lip surgery coming up in a few weeks. You will notice Josh is absent because he had some dental work done that day and his face was swollen. Darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Continued
The Truck: Yes...we are redneck. Yes your eyes are not deceiving you...those are mattresses. Can you say...embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!...but comfy!

Can you tell where I put the sunblock!?

Avery, Camden and Reagan!

Draygen and Ayden in the sand pit!

Josh, Mac and Scott hangin' out by the fire. Does Josh's flannel look familiar? It's a running family joke now....every single post it seems he is wearing the same thing! Now that is Red Neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him for it though!

Ayden, Draygen and Avery getting comfy for our ride!

Coral Pink Sand DunesI was terrified I would get us stuck! Michelle thought it was Hilarious!
Success! Then I almost tipped it!

Camden had allergies. Allergies and dirt don't mix!

Camden played with his first Stink Bug =(

Ayden, Tater and Grandpa Mac

Michelle lookin' like a model even after 2 days of camping (so jealous)!

Homeward bound! Yeah!
Coral Pink Sand Dunes was fun...for the most part. I do not enjoy sleeping in tents and going pee in the bushes/or the never ending dirty hands. Other than was great! I know, I know I'm a Pris! Josh and the kids had a BLAST! I love watching them have a blast. Camden never wanted to get off of the 4-wheelers. He threw a fit when he had too. Another adventure down and moving on to the next one!