Saturday, July 3, 2010

~Avery's Surgery~
Avery decided to have surgery on her lip. She said the kids at school always made fun of her! (Dang kids!!!!!!!!!!) We ended up taking her to a Plastic Surgeon and he referred us to a Cleft Pallet Specialty Team. We ended up finding out that Avery was going to have a Cleft Pallet that would have gone all the way up to her eye!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so grateful that that didn't end up happening. On June 9th we took her up to Provo and they ended up cutting the inside of her mouth and connecting the mouth muscle (I guess it wasn't connected), and making a Z cut on the side of her mouth and cutting about a 1/2 inch out of her top lip.
Scary face...

After Surgery.

She is doing great! She had hardly any pain and can eat great. The cut is healing wonderfully!

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