Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010!!!!!

Hogle Zoo minus two Cousins.

Sassy Girls...and boy!

Family of joke!

Merry Go Round keeps going...

and going...

and going. (Dizzy yet!?)

9 out of the 10 grand kids on Josh's side. Yes, we are CRAZY!

Camden's first train ride.

Momma and baby giraffe! So cute!

Avery is too much like me! She gets tired easily and gets a little whiny!

Ayden declares "the elephant pooped me out." However, I think he is one good lookin' tird!

My cute chick-a-dees!

We had a great Spring Break! We went and visited Josh's Sister Michelle in Payson! We all a a great time at the zoo. Who doesn't love seeing lots of cute animals everywhere. We lucked out and decided to go to the zoo on Friday instead of Saturday...good thing because Saturday was crazy cold and snowy. Good thing Josh is the only one who watches the weather. I knew I married him for a reason!

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The Batistas said...

sad we missed out. But it looks like a lot of fun! Jiovan and Corbin loved looking at the cousins and naming everyone in every picture!